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pill tablet pressPill Tablet Press

Welcome to PillTabletPress.com!  Here at Pill Tablet Press.com we offer you the best Pill Tablet Press machines at the greatest prices found online!

Pill Tablet Press offers you the ability to compress powder and form them into round tablets. We offer two table top machines, one of which is completely manual and one that is electric with your choice of 110v or 220v.Both machines give you the freedom to experiment with what you want to form into a table as they are capable of pressing various types of granular raw materials. These easily operate machines are known for being used to trial manufacture tablets in the food industry, as well as the health and science fields.

pill tablet press

electric pill tablet pressThe ELECTRIC pill pressing machine has a maximum pressure of 50Kn. This machine is capable of forming pills with a diameter of 16mm and a depth of 12mm. The machine itself is a small desktop size with a production capacity of 5,000 pieces per hour. And if you choose to, you can run the machine manually, too!

manual pill tablet pressThe MANUAL pill pressing machine is small but very powerful. This 20Kg machine can put out anywhere between 30 to 60 tablets in a minute.
The tablet has a maximum diameter of anywhere between 4-10mm with a
depth fill of 10mm.

Either way you decide to go, your pill production for your pharmaceutical business will be safe! Both machines are very easily operable and maintained. You'll be sure to get the best quality when pressing your tablets.

pill tablet press

How to order your Pill Tablet Press:

To purchase the Electric or Manual Pill Tablet Press, please fill out our Order Form! Our Checkout is Secured via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), so your information will not be distributed to any third party and stays safe within our system. We accept all major credit cards. If you do not have a credit card, feel free to use PayPal as a form of payment.

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pill tablet pressEletric Pill Tablet Press:


manual pill tablet pressManual Pill Tablet Press:


*All information entered on the order form will not be shared with third party marketing companies. All electronic submissions are heavily encrypted to ensure privacy and security.

Pill Tablet Press.com : Wholesale and Customer Support

At PillTabletPress.com, we welcome all wholesale orders worldwide. We directly import and distribute high-quality Pill Tablet Presses and offer great competitive pricing for Wholesale and Retail orders.

For any inquiries regarding Wholesale, Retail or General Order Discounts, please feel free to contact us via EMAIL, PHONE, CONTACT FORM, or online through skype messaging. When inquiring about a specific order, please provide us with information about your desired item and quantity.

For wholesale and retail inquiries, please contact us at:

We can accommodate any orders from any location around the world. We use DHL Worldwide to deliver our merchandise safely and quickly to clients worldwide. We are available 24 hours daily to assist our customers for their wholesale needs. Contact us, today!

Interested in more of what we have to offer? We also offer other great products at retail or wholesale prices. Just fill out our Contact Form, and we will be happy to assist you!

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